Crane's Beach Apothecary Shop in Newburyport Harbor Boat Tour in Newburyport

On Saturday, Jack and I went to Crane’s Beach and Newburyport, MA to explore. These are some of the things we saw. The beach was totally packed, and the water was FREEZING. I managed to do a quick dip out of desperation (the heat was overwhelming) but I’m a southern girl who likes Florida water. I’m not into 65 degree water temperatures, and I’m not entirely sure how these people were swimming in it. I had to force myself in up to my ankles, which was a struggle. Newburyport was adorable and I highly recommend checking it out. The harbor tour was a great boat ride (Jack was skeptical, but then he was converted and it ended up being his favorite part of the day)! Tons of great little shops and a gelateria made this a great town to go check out for a few hours.

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