Ali and Kenny Dance at the Reception Dancing in sync Happily dancing away When we dance, we dance hard.

Here is another set of photos from the Ali & Kenny visit Mexico series. This is called “Ali and Kenny rock out at the Reception.” Wake Forest represented on that dance floor. We were the first people on the floor and the last people off. We sweated through our clothes (yes, it’s disgusting, but it was also an outdoor Mexican wedding reception, it’s excused). We screamed journey at the top of our lungs. We injured each other in the process (ankles, faces and hands weren’t spared). Johnny Krapes led us in a rousing rendition of “I’m too sexy for my shirt” that had people swooning (and not from the heat). It couldn’t have been a better time. I mean, it was so freaking fun I forgot to keep drinking. When you dance that hard, who has time to stop for a beer?

This could also be filed under febphotoaday: Fave photos of oneself and something I love.

Thanks to Emily & John for the amazing photos.

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    This was a really good wedding. Ali and I earned MVP honors. So what if I was the judge. It was deserved.
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